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The amount of data is constantly increasing, but using it to support your business can be challenging. Successful information management can deepen the customer vision, increase the company's performance, clarify policies and provide additional information on operational efficiency. ALM Partners helps to find information that is relevant to customers' business and to process it into an understandable and easy-to-use format.

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Banking, insurance and asset management system projects

Information management with professionalism

Data as a business resource

ALM Partners' experts have extensive experience in bank data warehousing and its development, and we help our customers harness information as a resource for business development.

Information increases predictability

Consistent information is easier to interpret and improves predictability.

Information management in support of strategy

Essential knowledge creates a deeper customer vision and helps you make the right business decisions.

Increasing cost efficiency

Information management can improve performance, streamline processes and increase operational efficiency.

Data increases predictability

Data management, analytics and migratio

The amount of data available from different sources keeps continuously growing, but at the same time the utilization of that data is more challenging than ever. You can deepen the customer sentiment, enhance the performance of your company, streamline processes and obtain more information on the effectiveness of your company by successful data management. The key is to identify and collect the business relevant data and make it presentable and understandable.   

Data management and system migrations are often priority projects that – properly done – result in noteworthy strategic benefits. Whether we are talking about enhancing the quality or the availability of data to management bodies, or implementing a whole new system, it is of utmost importance to secure professional execution of the project.   

Experts in data analytics and databases

Data management professionals

The experts of ALM Partners have an extensive experience in development of financial sector data warehouses. We are passionate in helping our customers to harness data to a powerful resource for the development of business. We offer innovative and modern data analytics and database competence. Our solutions include a modeled data warehouse (DW), visualization of data and data quality assurance (DQA). In addition, we provide flexible business and risk reporting.  

  • Modeled data warehouse (CRDM): Customized data warehouse provides visibility to your own data and facilitates the utilization of the data in business processes as well as in reporting. See our reporting products.  
  • Data quality assurance (DQA): The reliability of data and the monitoring of its quality improves functions of your organization at all levels – from grass root level employees to CEO. See our data management products.  
  • We always plan our projects in collaboration with our clients and identify all the resources and technologies needed in a transparent way, so that the project costs remain at targeted levels. Working relationship and co-operation with client all the way through the project adds important value. Our experts gladly answer questions in all phases of the project.

We are an easy and reliable partner in the data management projects of our customers. Our consultants and experts can fill the roles of an architect, a developer or a project manager. We have years of experience in projects from core banking system implementations to problem solving of third-party applications.    

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