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We help our financial clients achieve their business goals with our high-quality experts, our individually designed services and our innovative technical solutions.

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million turnover in 2023



ALM Partners is Finnish debt free growth company and trusted a service provider for financial sector in Finland, Sweden and Northern Europe. Our experience in providing modern ALM services dates back to early 2000’s. We are an experienced and modern developer of financial services and solutions. Today, our company employs 147 professionals of financial services with a 2023 revenue of 13,9 million Euros.

Our vision

We are the most knowledgeable and respected companies in the financial sector partner. ALM Partners is a growing and well-known partner for financial companies and an innovative pioneer.

Our mission

We help our financial clients reach our business goals with our high-level experts, our individually designed services, and our innovative technical solutions.

Our goal is to enable the development of our customers’ business by being a reliable and efficient partner. Our vision is to be the most competent and prestigious partner for financial sector companies. We want to build a smoother everyday life for our customers with cost-effective and individually designed solutions. Our core services and expertise are in financial asset and liability management: dynamic interest rate and liquidity risk management and related regulation such as IRRBB and LCR. Since the beginning, our solutions and services have expanded along with new regulations and market demands. We offer high-quality services supporting ALM and treasury activities as well as handle projects of system improvement and development.

We also offer modern data analysis expertise and reporting tools. Our services include business and risk reporting, data quality assurance, AI and machine learning, and individually modeled data warehouses. Our top priority is to provide our customers with efficient first-class solutions supporting their decision making of everyday business and risk management.

ALM Partners in figures

Financial indicators

Operating turnover

Development of operating turnover

13,9 mln. €
31 % growth
2017 4,64
2018 5,53
2019 5,73
2020 6,74
2021 8,10
2022 10,6
2023 13,9



30,8 %
2017 29,1 %
2018 26,6 %
2019 12,0 %
2020 7,7 %
2021 15,1 %
2022 18,0 %
2023 30,8 %

Operating margin

% of turnover

1,0 mln. €
7,3 % of turnover
2017 9,6 %
2018 11,5 %
2019 7,4 %
2020 9,9 %
2021 10,0 %
2022 10,1 %
2023 7,3 %

Operating turnover/person

t. €

103,0 t. €
2017 113,2
2018 108,4
2019 91,0
2020 100,6
2021 100,0
2022 100,2
2023 103,0

Our values

Success is built through collaboration

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We trust each other and we are trustworthy

We believe and trust each other. Our products and services are of high quality. We will stick to the agreement.

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We work transparently

We communicate and discuss things openly. Our operations are transparent and planned together with the customer.

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We value each other and our partners

Each of us is a precious individual. We respect the time and values of our customers.

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We work and learn together

We encourage each other to develop our own skills. We anticipate customer needs and offer innovative solutions to a changing world.

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We act responsibly and promote responsibility

We want to support sustainable development and be involved in creating new jobs. We are involved in building a balanced future for the financial sector.


Where can you find us


Mechelininkatu 1a

00180 Helsinki

See map +358 10 279 6800

(8.35snt / tel + 17.17snt / min)


Frihamnsgatan 30

11556 Stockholm

See map +358 10 279 6800

(8.35snt / tel + 17.17snt / min)


Piippukatu 11

40100 Jyväskylä

+358 10 279 6800

(8.35snt / tel + 17.17snt / min)

Billing information

ALM Partners Oy

Operator: Maventa
Service ID: 003721291126
E-invoice address: 003723726162

ALM Group Oy

Operator: Maventa
Service ID: 003721291126
E-invoice address: 003730181105


How can we help?

Headshot of Aaro Mäkelä
Aaro Mäkelä

Chief executive officer

+358 50 540 5416
Headshot of Risto Tammela
Risto Tammela

CTO, Product Development Director

Headshot of Heli Sumelius
Heli Sumelius

Director (International business, marketing)

HEadshot of Pekka Mattila
Pekka Mattila

Director (ICT, HR, financial administration, offices)

+358 400 329 869