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All of our products have been developed to solve our customers' problems as efficiently and easily as possible. Our philosophy in product development has always been lightness and simplicity. Our products can be purchased individually for your needs or combined into a larger solution depending on your needs.

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Risk reporting data model in financial sector

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Modern tools for managing databases

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Regulatory reporting solutions

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Specialty in the financial systems of FIS

Product solutions individually

Solutions to information management and authority reporting problems

Our products have been developed to solve our customers' problems with simplicity and stability as guiding principles. This way, the customer always gets a complete view of what the product is doing. Product applications are fast to deliver and individually designed. Our cost structure is transparent, which also makes budgeting easier.

Workable solutions

Stable, simple solutions also to challenging information management and authority reporting problems

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When the data is consistent, the report is also consistent and clear

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Trust and quality lead to open and productive cooperation with the customer

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ALM Partners products

We have developed several tailor-made solutions to serve the needs of our customer projects. All our products are developed to solve real problems and take advantage of opportunities. They are stable and as simple as possible from the core. Hence, as a customer you get a good understanding on what the products accomplish and are implemented quickly. We always aim for a transparent pricing structure, making your budgeting easier.

From the beginning, the philosophy behind our product development has been lightness and simplicity. Our products can be utilized for a single purpose, or they can be combined to provide a larger solution – always tailored to actual needs. We do not engage in vendor lock-in models, where as a customer you are dependent on support from ALM Partners – our customers want to continue working with us because of the excellent quality of our products and experts.

We implement our products and services smoothly, but we are also most happy to discuss current topics with our customers. Our understanding of markets’ views and best practices can help you to develop and execute ideas to final solutions.


Regulatory Reporting Data Warehouse

Regulatory reporting data warehouse – or as we call it – CRDM is a data model and a family of products that is the crown jewel of the data knowledge and competences of ALM Partners. CRDM is a data mart – a refined data warehouse specialized in regulatory reporting requirements. In essence, it functions besides your own data warehouse.

The structure of CRDM is planned to support effortless reporting of a specific form (defined by e.g. financial authorities) and it is designed to gather and store history. When organizing the regulatory reporting this way, the benefits to customer include better control of data, reduction of costs by fluent reporting and the lowering of risks associated to reporting errors.

Specific calculations are required by regulatory reporting, for example the allocation of collateral and resulting risk-weighted assets (RWA) in standard approach to credit risk (CRR I /CRD IV, and the upcoming CRR II / CRD V). We have developed specific Python-based applications within CRDM that execute those calculations right in the data mart. The burden of separately operated calculation tool or, in the worst case, of a manual calculation process is lifted off from your shoulders.

Our products

  • CRDM

DPM Manager

Automation and management of reporting

DPM Manager simplifies the handling of regulatory reports. With the easily-implemented DPM Manager, you can effortlessly, for example:

  • Validate EBA reports
  • Produce xbrl/xml reporting files
  • Make necessary manual corrections

In addition, DPM Manager is an effective tool for the monitoring and quality assurance of regulatory reports. With database features, you can readily track the development of key figures over time and quickly find out if certain numbers have changed significantly.

DPM Manager currently supports the following reports:

  • All of EBA’s DPM-based reports
    • For example, COREP, FINREP, IRRBB, ESG, Pillar 3
  • EIOPA Solvency II versions 2.6, 2.7 and 2.8
  • SRB Stability Fee Reporting (versions 2023 and 2024)
  • VIRATI reports: S, R, LTC and KP

When EBA publishes new versions of the DPM model, they are also integrated into DPM Manager quite quickly (the previous one was published about a week after the publication of EBA’s new DPM-ITS). All other reports are also always updated to the latest version, and all reports are backward compatible. With DPM Manager, you can view and edit, for example, COREP reports from 2014.

DPM Manager is in use by many FIN-FSA -reporting customers, and product development continues actively; for example, the roadmap currently includes cross-validation of reports with one another, automatic compilation of Pillar 3 from other reports, and more efficient analysis and audit trail tools.

Our products

  • DPM Manager


Data quality management

Our regulatory reporting data mart CRDM is complemented with DQA solutions that can be taken into use according to your needs. We have developed a simple user interface that incorporates all the DQA-tools we can provide.   

The monitoring of data quality in a warehouse is of highest importance today (not alone according to Basel III codes for data management, BCBS 239)We have developed a monitoring application that performs unit and bulk testing to data basesThis improves considerably the efficiency of DQA in your organization – whether utilized on CRDM or on other data warehouses at your disposal.   

Data accuracy needs monitoring and controls also between different systems and data files. Our solution compares two data sources and discloses and stores the results to solution’s own data base for easy access and comparability. With this solution, data quality assessment and comparison of data between old and new highly critical core systems was possible to one satisfied customer.  

The objects of data base can form a complex web of tables, views and procedures that is difficult to understand, and the relevant information of dependencies gets easily lost in the object jungle. We can provide you with a visualization tool that uncovers those dependencies in data bases. In essence, it enhances the capabilities of the whole data management organization to produce accurate results and reports     

Ahjo and Palje

Automation and management of databases and documentation

One of the greatest challenges in data management is the version control (or the lack of) of the data base objects and the number of divergent environments. Stack of problems keeps growing if the data base development is concentrated on one server with multiple developers and simultaneous development.  

We have also struggled with these issues. We wanted to develop a tool for data base development and control which would support the version control of schemas and objects. In addition, it would improve the fluency of the co-operation of developers and facilitate the overall management and development of data basesThis is how Ahjo was born.  

The benefits of Ahjo: 

  • Free of charge  
  • Python based  
  • Can be loaded from Python Package Index 
  • Is based on maintained open source libraries  
  • Together with version control (Git) makes development transparent and traceable  
  • Enables efficient co-operation between developers  

Another open source application of ours – Palje  help with automation of data base documentation. Atlassian Confluence is a popular documentation tool among developers. We at ALM Partners also rely on Confluence when it comes to documentation of our internal and customer projectsWith the help of Palje, developers can create excellent quality, hierarchical data base documentation to Confluence automatically. In addition, project management can move documentation between Confluence spaces, for example from project space to maintenance space before the actual project closes.     

Take a look and try Ahjo and Palje today 



Our products

  • Ahjo
  • Palje

ALM Partners’ vast expertise in the financial sector, as well as their long-standing experience with regulatory reporting, make them a flexible and high-quality partner. This is true for both services and business driven development projects.

Jukka Rytkönen

Director, Finance, Svea Ekonomi Finland

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