Wishing you a peaceful and secure Christmas from ALM Partners!

Over the past year, the importance of safety has been a recurring theme in our office and remote discussions. The ongoing large-scale attack by Russia on Ukraine and various hybrid actions against Western countries have unfortunately persisted. Our discussions and business planning have consistently highlighted the state of our security environment, national defense, resilience to various critical functions, and supply security. We are proud to say that, despite these challenging conditions, the banking, finance, and insurance sectors have successfully fostered stability, safety, and responsible practices.

We, at ALM Partners, extend our heartfelt thanks to our customers and partners for their support over the past year. Together, we have achieved high-quality, secure risk management, regulatory reporting, and information management – all thanks to our incredible team. Our collaborative efforts have led to a remarkable 25% revenue growth for ALM Partners in 2023, a feat that would not have been possible without our dedicated team of 150 experts. Our team, composed of highly skilled professionals, is genuinely committed to the financial sector and to developing exceptionally efficient solutions.

This past year has also seen significant business development at ALM Partners, along with an expansion of employee ownership. As of early autumn 2023, the employee ownership of the ALM Partners Group has grown, with 14 new employee shareholders joining us. Following these changes, the ALM Partners Group is now 85% employee-owned, with a total of 59 employee owners.

Our primary areas of operation – financial risk management, regulatory and responsibility reporting, and related data management – have seen steady yet rapid growth. We have achieved notable successes, particularly in regulatory reporting and related product development. A significant portion of the regulatory reporting services provided by ALM Partners is now implemented using our own modern reporting systems. Our unique expertise lies in our ability to deliver financial sector risk management and regulatory reporting expertise to both existing customer systems and modern systems based on ALM Partners and our partners.

In these uncertain times, the focus is on safety, high-quality risk management, and the ability to manage essential information for decision-making. This is true not just in the financial sector, but across various industries. Let’s continue to work together to build a shared, high-quality, and safe financial sector in the coming year!

Wishing you a relaxing and safe Christmas season!