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ALM Partners streamlines reporting by reducing complexity and by adding flexibility. This enables our customer the ability to react swiftly to the changing regulatory requirements. In addition, we create a reporting structure designed for the needs of customers. In the face of regulatory challenges in banking and finance, we have a proven record of problem solving with our expertise and technological competences.

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At ALM Partners, reporting is implemented by facilitating the reporting process and increasing flexibility. This enables our customers the ability to respond quickly and flexibly to the changing demands of regulators.

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We are top experts in regulatory interpretation, which guarantees our customers modern and high-quality reporting processes.

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You always get the required regulatory reporting processes from us easily and flexibly.

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We help leverage the amount of data in high-quality business reporting - timely and reliable reports to support decision-making.

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Regulation and reporting

The reforms of Basel Accord and the subsequent requirements from European and national regulatory authorities, such as European Central Bank (ECB), European Banking Authority (EBA) and national FSA’s, focus on timely, exhaustive and accurate information about the business, earnings mechanism and risks of financial institutions. Regulation and supervision extends throughout the market, including banks ancredit institutions, insurance companies, investment service providers and portfolio and fund managers. In addition, investors, media and policy makers alike expect transparency and visibility to the business profiles and risk appetite as well as risk controlThe pressure of the reporting requirements is high, and the implementation and maintenance of relevant reporting structure requires extensive and up-to-date knowledge of regulatory framework and skilled data management.    

ALM Partners streamlines reporting by reducing complexity and by adding flexibility. This enables our customer the ability to react swiftly to the changing regulatory requirementsIn addition, we create a reporting structure designed for the needs of customersIn the face of regulatory challenges in banking and finance, we have a proven record of problem solving with our expertise and technological competences. 

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We can support you and your organization with  

  • Interpretation and execution of international rules and reporting regulation like Basel III and Basel IV, and IFRS9   
  • Requirements from European regulatory standards and directives, for example liquidity and capital requirements regulation CRD/CRRdirective on markets in financial instruments MiFID II, the regulation on insurance companies Solvency II) and the vast reporting related to them (FINREP, COREP, AnaCredit just to mention few)  
  • National reporting requirements from FSA’s, like RATI/KOTI and VIRATI in Finland.  

We have developed our very own modern solutions and applications to regulatory reporting and to the massive data management that is essential part of accurate reporting 

ALM Partners has years of experience in credit institutions’ different areas of business, from asset and liability management and risk management to data warehousing and analytics. This in combination with competences in financial regulation and regulatory reporting enable us to consider the requirements of business areas in the overall reporting structure. Our aim is to help you create efficient and high-quality reporting also for internal monitoring and decisionmaking processes via automized data processesFurthermore, we thrive at assessing the impact of changing regulation to business decisions, results and regulatory capital and solvency, as well as to your current processes.     

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In addition to quality and reliability, ALM Partners’ services convey flexibility – as the services are tailored to meet the customer’s needs.

Hannu Kaijomaa

Chief Risk Officer, POP Banking Group

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Nicole Aladin

Manager, Regulatory reporting