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Development, new innovations and leadership take place in many ways when an ever-changing world requires adaptation and evolving skills. ALM Partners' goal is to succeed together with its customers in the best possible way and to solve even the most complex problems clearly and efficiently. We implement all our solutions in terms of strategy, technology and efficiency, so that our customers have the best possible starting point to act dynamically in accordance with their own goals.

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Advisory and consulting services specializing in banking and finance

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Business advisory, risk management and data management consultancy

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Technical advisory

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Project management

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Trainings, impact assessment, sanity checks and external inspections

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Comprehensive expertise for changing situations

The most important thing is trust. For ALM Partners, it means openness, transparency and truly common goals.

Comprehensive expertise

Our experts have strong business expertise and versatile data and technology management.

Agile problem solving

Complex and detailed entities in the financial sector are our specialty.

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When specialist positions are difficult to fill, we are flexible to help you.

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Project management the way the customer wants.

Our experts support your development

Business consulting

ALM Partners Advisory team offering independent business consulting consists of experienced top professionals in the financial sector. Depending on the nature of a project, we typically work alone or in small teams. In addition to separate projects, we often represent client in roles that are challenging to fulfill with suitable employees.   

We work comfortably in multi-vendor environments utilizing different methodologies and we understand the importance of culture and safety to all. In the core of everything we do is trust. We strongly believe that the greatest value comes from truly working together. Our long customer relationships and feedback from customers confirm that we are on the right path.  

Every situation is unique, and often requires individual approach. We usually work with intricate and large projects and ventures, planning and execution of business changes and reformations, impact assessments and implementations of financial regulation, and tasks requiring exceptionally deep and detailed expertise. Our specialty is the ability to combine deep understanding of business in banking and finance with global trends and the management of data and technologies. When you work with an expert from ALM Partners, you get the years and years of craftmanship, knowledge and technology of our whole company. This enables a smooth execution of even large projects and a wide know-how at your disposal.   

The philosophy of what we do

Professionalism and technology

Trust is the key. To us it means openness, transparency and truly shared goals. We understand that the goal can alter with growing mutual understanding or changing boundary conditions. We are flexible and resilient with the forms of co-operation, often working with principals of time and material. In our experience, this is the best way of enabling the management of complex and changing situations, including the decisions on continuation or termination of collaboration.    

Uncertainty and unclarity are often inseparable parts of sophisticated and complicated environments, and in essence – our natural state of mind. Important part of expertise is the ability to tolerate and control uncertainty, and to be able to form concrete and clear entireties out of the uncertain. According to our experience, we provide most value to our customers by being integral part of operative teams or internal projects. We have operated as product owners, agile masters, experts in regulation and reporting, and data and business analysts in various areas – including both risk management subject matters as well as data management and analytics. In addition, we provide highly qualified project managers and other project personnel.     

ALM Partners’ asset and liability services have played an important role in the planning of Säästöpankki’s business and in adjusting the interest rate risk position to meet the wanted risk appetite.

Tomi Närhinen

CEO, The Savings banks centre

Let's succeed together

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