An Overview of ALM Partners’ Tools: Automation on the Cutting Edge

At ALM Partners, we strive to use sensible technology and continuously assess its relevance, updating our stack to incorporate more modern solutions when appropriate. In addition to Python and SQL, we utilize tools such as Terraform, Vue.js, Electron.js, and Github Copilot. Furthermore, we have developed numerous tools to facilitate our work, some of which have even gained their own product names, like the open-source Ahjo and Palje.

Ahjo: Setting up Databases with a Simple Flick of the Wrist

We have created the open-source Ahjo database tool to streamline data infrastructure setup. With Ahjo, you define the specifications for the desired database, and automation takes care of the rest. This tool has significantly enhanced and standardized our database development processes.

Palje: When Manual Documentation Becomes Obsolete

Another open-source tool, Palje, serves as a documentation tool for data architecture. Palje enables us to generate nearly automatic and highly comprehensive data structure documentation in Confluence. Both our team and our clients can explore the content of data points and the structure of the architecture. For instance, by utilizing Confluence’s search functionality, relevant data fields can be easily found. This is particularly useful for regulatory reporting, as analysts can quickly locate the desired tables and fields within the documentation.

Python: A Handy Programming Language for Various Purposes

Python is the primary programming language used at ALM Partners. Its extensive library options and low learning curve enable not only application developers but also others to interpret our code. Python has proven to be an approachable scripting language for lightweight process automations as well. We provide access to Coursera courses for our employees, allowing them to study Python programming during working hours.

SQL: Statistics, Facts, and Analyses

While Excel is the primary data processing tool worldwide, SQL steps in when Excel’s capabilities are exhausted. SQL enables the handling of significantly larger data volumes, the management of massive data centers, and the creation of elegant reporting solutions, including those utilizing BI tools. We develop various data solutions for regulatory reporting and other banking operations as part of our data engineering work, with our analysts also extensively utilizing SQL. Each new employee at ALM Partners receives training in the basics of SQL usage, and often, queries to our clients’ data warehouses support the work of our analysts.

Ahjo and Palje at Github: