ALM Partners and AQRISK Collaborate to Expand Customer Solutions Base in the Nordic Markets

ALM Partners is excited to announce our recent partnership with AQRISK, a Danish FinTech company with advanced banking sector solutions. Their AQOPTIMIZER solution makes it easy to optimize core banking business, allowing for enhanced usage data, analytics, and modern technology. This offering expands on ALM Partners expanded partnership strategy aiming to deliver complimentary services and solutions to our current growing portfolio. Our collaboration is aimed at expanding our customer servicing capabilities and market coverage to bring new solutions and servicing opportunities for our customers.

ALM Partners is expert in Regulatory Reporting, Risk Management, and Data Management. We believe that partnering with AQRISK will complement our strengths and provide additional value to our clients. Together, we plan to expand our offerings and enter new markets, transcending borders with a strong proven partnership.

In particular, we believe that this partnership will have a positive impact on the Finnish banking industry, as AQRISK’s highly advanced solutions and our strong regional industry knowledge come together. Our customers can now benefit from AQRISK’s actionable insights, which foster increased transparency and lead to improved customer satisfaction, loyalty, and trust.

The success of our collaboration will be measured by customer satisfaction and value added. We are confident that our joint offering will bring significant value to the market, and we look forward to undertaking projects together with our customers.

Looking to the future, we plan to enter new areas and industries together, expanding our services to both existing and new clients. Our goal is to bring a broader range of products and services to our customers, aligning with our business objectives and growing this partnership to provide even more value in the future.