What does an ALM Partners trainee’s daily life look like?

At ALM Partners I have been most impressed with the atmosphere at the workplace and the gettingthingsdone attitude! Things are done in all seriousness, but not seriously.

In this article, I will give some thoughts on my first few months working at ALM PartnersLet’s start with the guy writing this article. I obey to the name of Jaakko and my way to ALM Partners has gone through studies in Information Systems and by working in the Financial Sector. The last six years I worked on financial and investment issues of retail customers.  

I graduated as a Master of Science in autumn 2018 and after completing my studies, I wanted to find employment where I could combine my IT skills with my experience in the financial sector. I also wanted to find a place where I could learn new things and develop. When applying for a job, I came across ALM Partners’ open data analyst position, which was suggested by a friend. After a quick round of calls to friends in the financial sector, it became apparent that ALM Partners has professional people working for them and a good vibe. I got excited about the position rather fast and sent my application.  

The application process in itself raised my expectations. Communication was done quickly, directly, and I was kept up-to-date. In the interview, of course, I concentrated on what I already knew, but placed strong value on what I was interested in and wanted to know more of. Shortly after the interview my phone rang, and I was offered a trainee position in the technically orientated analyst team. On the whole, the application process left a positive vibe and feeling, and I felt that I found a place where I would be able to develop and do a variety of tasks.  

Immediately on the first day it became apparent that the training course presented during the interview was not just a story. Together with two other trainees we started the trainings, which consisted of daily lectures, practical learning, and self-paced exercises. The main focus was in understanding bank earnings, asset and liability management, fundraising, and liquidity and risk management. We were also familiarised with databases, Excel, and various other analytic tools 

At ALM Partners I have been most impressed with the atmosphere at the workplace and the gettingthingsdone attitude! Things are done in all seriousness, but not seriously. People are excited and interested about new things and change is seen as an inspiration and opportunityEspecially as a new employee, I have appreciated the help I have received over team boundaries. Not once have I felt that I would be left alone with the problems, instead, I have always received the support needed. Another great thing is that even though I am a new and developing employee, I feel that my opinions and thoughts are appreciated. 

The company has a strong ideology of maintaining and developing employee well-being. This can be seen in the organisational culture, atmosphere, and staff benefits. It is very refreshing to work in a company where there is no perceptible competition or office policy that hinders overall development. All employees work for the benefit of everyone, sharing information and developing together. The organisation has a low hierarchy, and everyone is easy to approach.  

It is great being able to build your own expertise, which can easily be used to benefit customers now and in the future. By getting to know new areas, it is possible to find new business opportunities and descriptions. At ALM Partners this is encouraged, and all ideas are welcome. Hence, I believe that this company is not set in their ways.  

As a whole, in retrospect, I feel that I am in the right place. am currently continuously receiving neresponsibilities whilst learning new things. I learn something new everyday and it’s nice to go to work! Surrounded by smart and motivated people, I am bound to learn fast myself.  

The company has employees from various backgrounds, so I wouldn’t advise to rule yourself out, even if your education is not directly in the same industry. An interest towards the financial sector is most important.  From here it is good to continue the year 2019. Let it be full of success and interesting moments for all!