ALM Partners is donating 5,000 euros to Save the Children to support the victims of the war in Ukraine

ALM Partners also encourages all Finnish companies and their own partners to support Ukraine in the crisis.

Children fleeing the war with their families in Ukraine are in urgent need of help. ALM Partners wants to help families in the midst of the crisis by donating 5,000 Euros to the Save the Children Association’s fundraiser in Ukraine. 

Save the Children has been operating in conflict zones in Ukraine since 2014 and has now expanded its delivery of emergency assistance to Ukrainian children and their families. 

The organization provides emergency assistance to Ukraine, such as warm clothing, food and water, hygiene items, various shelters, medicines and psychosocial support. 

ALM Partners condemns the attack on Ukraine and our sympathy is with the victims of the crisis. We want to help with what means that we have, and a donation is currently the fastest, safest and most direct way, says Aaro Mäkelä, CEO of ALM Partners. 

ALM Partners encourages all the companies and their partners to help. Monetary donations can secure the basic needs of people affected by conflict. 

If you want to help Ukrainians, you can donate to emergency aid from humanitarian organizations. There are several fundraisers in progress and donations can be made easily through the organizations websites. You can make a donation to Save the Children here.