ALM Partners’ DPM Manager closer to production use – Half a dozen customers have confirmed their order 

DPM Manager, part of ALM Partners’ product family, is a reporting tool developed to secure a modern and efficient regulatory reporting process for our customers now and in the future. Our reliable tool can, in the early stages, produce EBA’s reports in their DPM model. In Finland, it replaces the data collection application that will be phased out by the  Financial Supervisory Authority. Later this year, coverage will be extended to EIOPA’s DPM model reports as well as some national reports.  

Our strong development work and reliable reputation among Finnish banks has borne fruit: three of our customers have already agreed on the introduction of DPM Manager to replace the FIN-FSA reporting tool, and three others have confirmed the order. DPM Manager has also aroused strong interest in other banks, insurance companies and investment service providers: we aim to enrol at least 15 – 20 players in the Finnish financial sector as satisfied users of DPM Manager! A wide customer base ensures future growth and stability of our solution, giving our customers the confidence to adopt and depend on it.  

2022 is off to a rapid start for DPM Manager. The development of the product is led by Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho together with other experts within the DPM Manager team. The team has grown organically and has been developing our services, specifically to ensure that EIOPA’s DPM model is successfully implemented during the autumn 2022. 

In early 2022, DPM Manager’s development team organized open public demonstrations that have been conducted as part of the team’s sprint cycle. Dozens of participants from banks and insurance companies have shown interest in DPM Manager and participated in the presentations. These are also available as recordings which can be viewed and accessed by contacting our experts. The next scheduled event will be held on Wednesday, April 20, 22 from 12 noon to 1 pm. We warmly welcome you to participate in the session.  

DPM Manager was first put into production in the spring of 2021. The purpose of the project, together with the customer, was to integrate their COREP production reporting using DPM Manager. For more extensive customer testing, DPM Manager progressed at the end of 2021, when together with customers they tested the product by running the tool from the command line. We are also delighted to announce that DPM Manager is now available for testing with a new graphical user interface, without the need to open PowerShell. We have also packaged the tool into a handy installation package that’s easy to install with just a few clicks. As a tool, using DPM Manager is easy and intuitive – that’s why we invite you to test it too! Please reach out immediately if you want to try the solution. 

With DPM Manager you can: 

  • Store all current and past DPM reports in the database
  • Examine and repair reports stored in the database in Excel, graphical user interface or SQL queries
  • Run validations on reports
  • Comprehensive support for EBA validation rules
  • ECB EGDQ audits insofar as they are not already covered by the EBA validation rules and are of an automated nature
  • Print reports stored in the database 
  • Easy-to-use CSV format
  • XBRL format that meets the requirements of the authorities (EBA Filing Rules and the Financial Supervision Authority’s machine language communication)
  • Perform visual analysis of reported figures with Power BI or another SQLite-based reporting tool

DPM Manager enables automation of important quality control elements, regression testing, and accounting reconciliations in the regulatory reporting process. In addition, the product development roadmap already takes into account the need to create support for adding the bank’s own validation rules to DPM Manager validations. 

Supported reporting requirements for DPM reports in the banking and insurance sectors 

DPM Manager will support all reports described in the European Banking Authority’s EBA DPM model, starting with the 2014 COREP and FINREP reports. The following requirements valid in EBA DPM 3.2 phase 1 (data dates 30.6.2022-31.12.2022) are all supported: AE, COREP ALM, COREP FRTB, COREP LCR DA, COREP LE, COREP LR, COREP NSFR, COREP OF, COVID19, FINREP9 , FP, GSII, IF ADHOC, IF CLASS2, IF CLASS3, IF GROUPTEST, IF TM, MREL DECISIONS, MREL TLAC, NOTIF IMPRACTICABILITY, PSD FRP, REM BM, REM HE, RESOL, SBP CR, SBP RM, SBPIMV. 

Regarding banks’ regulatory reporting specific to Finland, we are also committed to providing support for VIRATI reports S, R, LTC, RA, VJ, KP, RVA and RA. In addition, our development roadmap has ESMA’s AIFMD reporting if customer demand for it is realized as an order. 

Our development roadmap for the second half of 2022 is to add EIOPA’s DPM model to the DPM Manager. With the addition, DPM Manager will be able to process Solvency 2 DPM reports (AES, AFS, QES, QFS, AFG, ARG, QFC, QRC) as smoothly as it already does for EBA reports. 

Regarding VIRATI reporting in the insurance sector, we will examine the demand situation and, on that basis, consider increasing support for the 2023 development roadmap. 

The fixed monthly price for a DPM Manager subscription includes: 

  • The right to use the tool to process the subscriber’s own government reports on the subscriber’s exclusive workstations without quantitative restrictions
  • Training for end users at the start of the subscription and a limited amount of user support per month
  • Product software upgrades (does not apply to upgrades to customized features), including
  • New features, bug fixes, security updates
  • Normal updates due to changes in regulatory requirements

Ask your ALM Partners contact or Mika for more information 

(, 050 552 8882)